Quickdraw is dedicated to helping independent animators expand their practice and knowledge of animation by connecting them through a network of community partners and online animation resources.

Please look through our list of community partners to find other local businesses and art organizations that have connected with Quickdraw Animation Society. 

If you would like to be added to our list of animation links and resources, please contact Production Coordinator Tyler Klein Longmire at production@quickdrawanimation.ca

Animation Links

Animation Festivals

Animaze ( Montreal) http://www.animazefestival.com/

Ottawa International Animation Festival   http://www.animationfestival.ca/

Toronto International Student Animation Festival http://www.studentanimationfestival.com/

Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI) http://taafi.com/  


Animation Software

Adobe http://www.adobe.com/ca/

Dragon Frame Stop Motion www.dragonframe.com/

Toonboom http://www.toonboom.com


Animation Studios

Roughhouse Animation http://www.roughhouseanimation.com/

Laika Entertainment http://www.laika.com/

Aardman Animations http://www.aardman.com/

Pixar Canada http://www.pixarcanada.com/

Pixar http://www.pixar.com/

Frederator Studios http://frederator.com/



John Kricfalusi Blog http://johnkstuff.blogspot.ca/

Chris Oatley: Disney Character Designer Blog http://chrisoatley.com/


Community Partners













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