Chris was a Calgary-based award winning visual artist and filmmaker.  A long standing member at Quickdraw Animation, Chris joined the society in 1997, and dedicated his time to creating animation, teaching, and serving on the Quickdraw Board of Directors, and has since achieved an Honorary Membership for his dedication to the community.  His award winning animated films, Alien and Zap Girl Makes Toast, have toured worldwide, and he had a long-standing commitment to mentoring young artists and animators. 

C’est La Vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story documents the award-winning animator’s (Alien, Zap Girl Makes Toast) battle with tongue cancer.  Building on live footage from Chris’s last, unfinished film, C’est La Vie was created posthumously through the collaboration of 19 animators from Quickdraw Animation in Calgary, Canada.  To honor Chris’ legacy, all proceeds from the project go towards supporting the Chris J. Melnychuk Memorial Scholarship – encouraging emerging animators to develop their artistic practice. 


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Glenbow Museum – Watch Me Move, Launch Party

Toronto Animated Images Society – Showcase 2012

Prairie Tales 2012, Various Locations

Animation Block Party, 2012

Hiroshima Animation Festival 2012

Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2012

Calgary International Film Festival, 2012

Edmonton International Film Festival, 2012

GAMA – Epcor Center Calgary, Feb 2013


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Film Information

Title: C’est La Vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story

Duration: 6:47

Year of Completion: 2011

Animators:  Micheal Welchman, Leslie Bell, Alan Ferguson, Richard Reeves, Kim Anderson, Melanie Aikenhead, Ola Birch, Ross Gibb, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Ryan McClure Scott, Brian Batista, Jessi Schroeyers, Tyler Frederick, Sitji Chou, Kristen Campbell, Jennifer Vallis, Katie Burns, Noelle Shaw, R.J. Taylor

SoundTrack: Wayne Garrett

Project Director: Karilynn Thompson

Editing: Brian Batista and Karilynn Thompson




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