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48 Hour Challenge!! LIFE vs CARTOONS

May 16th – 19th = Animation Lockdown!
May 23rd – Lockdown Screening + SPACE JAM the feature film +  a Basketball Game!

This May long weekend, teams of 1 – 3 are invited to gather at Quickdraw to eat food, think wildly, get sloppy, and make animations. You will have 48 hours, studio space, equipment, a greenscreen, a technician on hand to help, and yes, unlimited foodstuffs and caffeine. Everyone is welcome, and no experience is necessary. The animations are screened 2 days later at a sweet party that includes more food, more sloppiness, SPACE JAM the movie, and RAD PRIZES!

This year’s theme is LIFE vs. CARTOONS! We challenge you to combine elements of live action with animation. Think Mary Poppins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and yes, Space Jam. So much you can do! For live footage there’s found footage, garbage you shoot on your phone, the green screen, photos you cut out of old magazines… whatever you can think of! For animation, use any style you’re into. Our lovely staff will be on site to help you out, though a bit of experience and prep never hurts.

Sign up fee: $50 for members (includes food, caffeine, studio space, equipment, and technical assistance for the long weekend event) OR $100 for non members (includes year-long production membership as well as everything above). Fee is per person, maximum number of teammates is 3.

That’s that! Get ready to Jam!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! This event fills up fast!

 You can also sign up in person by dropping by our offices. Here is the registration form if you feel like filling it out in advance!

Please contact Laura (programming@quickdrawanimation.ca, (403) 261 5767) if you have any questions!




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