Internal Structures and Systems

Chair : Marc Coyte

Responsible for Quickdraw’s internal structures and systems, facilitating good decisions that are efficient, effective and biased to action.



Chair: Vincent Duckworth

Responsible for ensuring that Quickdraw facilities are technically innovative, affordable, accessible and sustainable.


Education and Outreach

Chair: Kim Walton

Responsible for ensuring Quickdraw’s education and outreach program is continuously developed.



Chair: Jill Armstrong

Committed to increasing the amount of both film and digital animation production at Quickdraw.

Production Committee meetings will be held on the Third Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.


Exhibition/Viewer Engagement

Chair: Karilynn Thompson

Responsible for increasing the amount of exhibition events and the level of viewer engagement.



Chair: Nancy Laing

Responsible for maintaining strong community and government partnerships that leverage expertise and resources, in order to enhance the importance of Quickdraw’s activities.



Responsible for maintaining and continuously adding to the large animation library resource housed at Quickdraw.

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