Kim Walton


When she is not working as an extra for the remake of the Flintstones “Tars Sands Redux”, Kim works to make sure people have comfortable sustainable homes for their families and businesses. She lives in the County of Mountain View in the Bearberry Valley with her husband and a couple of Dogs named Picabo and Gordie. It is a beautiful place that her 3 grown children cannot stay away from.

In the past Kim has held various positions on many community, development and social service boards. For the past few years she has been a member at large of the Mountain View County Municipal Planning Committee. 

Kim has taken an active role in her local community in the past but has decided to spread her wings and become a member of a big city board of directors. Kim’s oldest Son (Will) is an Animator who began his career with Quick Kids in 1997. Through her Son, she has been exposed to “Animation Culture” for many years.

Kim joined the board of directors for Quickdraw Animation Society in 2011 as a member at large. This will be her second term as President of the QAS board. She is looking forward to working with a diverse, talented and dedicated board of directors this year. 

Dana Schloss

Vice President

Dana is a prototyper and exhibit developer at Telus Spark, the New Science Centre in Calgary where she spends most of her time imagining and testing ways to engage visitors in experiences that help them think of themselves as Makers, Innovators, and Creators. 

She has formerly worked at Quatrefoil Associates, where she designed and built exhibits for history, science and children’s museums. Years of freelancing and interning have given her a broad view of exhibits at many museums, including the Museum of the Moving Image, Science Museum of Minnesota, The Franklin Institute, The Mutter Museum, The American Philosophical Society, New York Hall of Science and The Children’s Museum of Manhattan. She is a graduate of the University of the Arts program in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design.

Sacha Michaud


(Bio to come)

Katerina Mironova


Katerina currently works as a Logistics Coordinator at Elbow River Marketing Ltd. She has completed two degrees at Mount Royal University: International Business & Supply Chain Management, and Business Administration with a major in General Management. She participated in an exchange program called Strategic Management Exchange in NAFTA Nations at State University of New York in Plattsburgh.  She is currently in the process of completing her Supply Chain Management Professional designation through Supply Chain Management Association of Canada. 

Searching for meaningful long term volunteer opportunity she joined QDA Society as a board member in Summer 2013.  She enjoys participating in long term projects and makes it a personal goal that they are successful. She lives with her boyfriend and two miniature dachshunds. 

Jill Armstrong


Jill is a visual artist, writer and a closet animator, currently concentrating on her multi- faceted studio practice. She has been involved in the artist-run community in Calgary for over twenty years, including time devoted to Untitled Art Society, Truck: An Artist-Run Centre (Truckʼs name in the 1990ʼs), and a summer job at The New Gallery. She spent several years at Quickdraw, 1996 to 2002, during which time she alternated between serving on the Board of Directors and working as a staff member. In between all these stints at artist-run centres, she worked in health food stores here in Calgary.

Jill just recently joined the QAS board again, in July of 2012, to help support a healthy and creative future for QAS. She is also hoping that serving on the QAS Board will bring her back in touch with the Animation community in Calgary and beyond, as well as her own unfinished films, which are patiently waiting in a back room in her mind, for the opportunity to re-emerge.

Ola Birch


Ola Birch was born in Riga, Latvia. Art was her main and only love, she finished 5 years of art school and 3 years of Collage, has a degree in Interior Design. You can see bright and fun colours in Ola’s work , since she moved to Canada she perused he passion to art by working in art store and learning a lot of new technique . Her main medium now is Acrylics and Paper Mache. In 2011 she fell in love with wool and needle felting. Her fun and creative toys make people smile and she always wanted to try animation. In 2011 she helped with “Chris Melnychuk” project and in 2012 made her own short stop animation , with her needle felted toys for “Animation Lockdown” , and won 2nd place. Just recently Ola got scholarship with “Quickdraw Animation” and working on another animation.

Her work can be found in “Calgary zoo” , “Motion” gallery downtown Calgary and different festivals and markets as “Market Collective

Norma-Jean Harvey


Born and raised in Calgary, Norma-Jean has been a Quickdraw member since 2011, taking several animation classes and participating in the Animation Lockdown event two years in a row. She also enjoys helping other areas of the community by volunteering with the MEOW Foundation and participating in the Alberta Flood Rose Project.  


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