We’re proud to present the recipients of the 2013-2014 QAS/NFB Production Scholarship! There were many great applicants and projects submitted so it made for a really difficult decision. We’re looking forward to helping them all with the exciting process of creating some amazing animations. Also thank you to everyone who apllied.




Michael J. Cooper

Michael is a self-taught artist originally from Eastern Canada. After attending Ryerson Film School in the mid-nineties he drifted aimlessly from place to place until he found a home in the City of Calgary. Since then, Michael’s primary artistic areas of interest have been representing the human figure, perspective and storytelling. He still considers himself very much a student and is consistently re-energized by all of the possibilities art has to offer.

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness that affects 2% of Canada’s population. It is a condition that is misunderstood and often trivialized by society. OCD can be quite complex and frustrating to explain to people who do not have it. My animated short will be an attempt to represent the images, sounds and thoughts of an OCD sufferer and how that affects their quality of life. “



ERIC(scholarship pic)

Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a passionate musician and visual artist, born and raised in Calgary AB. He is the bassist of local original psych-rock band “Groon” and has also performed as a dancer and guitarist with La Caravan Dance Theater. Last year he began studying animation at Quickdraw Animation Society with the desire to bring his imaginary characters and worlds to life. In the spring of 2013 he worked with Full Spectrum Artist Collective on an art installation of an “Underwater Kingdom” for “Wreck City”. Currently, he is devoted to furthering his skills in animation as he wishes to explore the potential of what he can create with the combined worlds of animation and music.

“The project I am creating is an animated music video to a psychedelic dub reggae song I recorded with the band I play in called “Groon”. The running time will be approximately three minutes. I will be bringing to life a variety of my original characters using hand drawn traditional animation techniques and I will be experimenting with morphing, vibrant and stimulating images to create a visual rollercoaster that is synchronized with the progression of the song.”




Heather Kai Smith

Heather Kai Smith is an artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She received her B.F.A. in Drawing with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2009. Her solo and collaborative work has been exhibited at The Illingworth Kerr Gallery (Calgary), The White House (TO), Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna), Nuit Blanche Calgary, Institut für alles mögliche (Berlin, Germany), and the Art Gallery of Calgary. Using multiple mediums (ranging from animation, printmaking, projection and installation), the foundation of her work is rooted in the practice of drawing. Her work has been commissioned for Telus Spark!: The New Calgary Science Centre, Pith Gallery, and Sled Island Music and Arts Festival.

“The film I intend to make is a music video for the song “Walking A Hundred” by local band, Ghostkeeper. The film uses archival found footage, historical photography, traditional Metis handcrafts and original performance footage as imagery. The film explores the blurring of the Alberta landscape as a site for contention and romantic escape through the lyrical movement of the song. The song tells a story of a Metis couple embarking upon a battle against the rapid expansion of the oil sands developments in their native land of Northern Alberta. The great battle manifests itself as a modern Metis revolution towards a self-sufficient way of life that embraces a strong spiritual respect for the earth.”

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